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Hi. I am Adam, and I would like to share my experience of joining the West End musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while it was in Southampton and Singapore. My most recent news is just below, and in reverse order. This blog will be a reminder of this amazing experience, and yes, I am getting help writing it; remember I am only 9!

Sunday 2nd Dec

Katie and I were off today and we were allowed out at 12pm. I went to Singapore Zoo with my family and it was the most amazing zoo with virtually every animal in the world. The elephants had a big container of bananas hanging from a tree over their lake with only a little hole in it. They had to bang it with their trunks to get the bananas out and then fish in the lake for them. There were loads of different monkeys and chimpanzees. It took ages to get a taxi back and by then we were really hot so we went straight back to the hotel for a swim with Katie.
For supper we had the hotel buffet and I had 6 courses.
We are all allowed out over night tonight and it was so nice to go to bed next to my sister.

Sam and Niamh were performing today and there was nearly a disaster as a spark from the sweet making machine went into Caractacus's eye. They said he kept rubbing his eye for the rest of the first scene and dropped lots of lines which is not like him at all.
Marissa was off again so Kimberley had to play Truly Scrumptious again. Things always seem to go wrong on Sam and Niamh's nights; one night one of the dogs fell into the orchestra pit as it was trying to jump into the audience. It was one of the big Retrievers so it is lucky no one got hurt. Dogs aren't ever allowed off the leash in Singapore so they must find it strange to be allowed to run loose on the stage.

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