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Hi. I am Adam, and I would like to share my experience of joining the West End musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while it was in Southampton and Singapore. My most recent news is just below, and in reverse order. This blog will be a reminder of this amazing experience, and yes, I am getting help writing it; remember I am only 9!

An Inspector Calls

Since I was tiny I loved to sing and dance, and when I was six I joined Stagecoach. I had no ambition to be on stage, I just enjoyed the classes. A year later my Stagecoach Principal Julia asked me to audition for "An Inspector Calls" as they needed a small thin boy who would do as he was told and could sit still. I was amazed to be offered the role, and had great fun with Megan, Tom and Joey, and the children's director Joe Crawley, learning the part, especially since Joe told us we had to stand completely still and watch television for 20 minutes every night, to practise keeping still!

The role involved being the first onto the stage at the beginning, playing with the other three children in the rain (and it actually rained on stage) and stopping the curtain coming down for the interval. I was on stage for nearly half of the performance, most of the time just standing or sitting very still beside the main character. At the end I had to stand up very high in the pretend house, looking out at the audience. The only thing that I found difficult was the smoke from the dry ice which made my nose really itchy when I had to sit still; I would count backwards from 100 until it stopped itching and the other children would bet how far I counted each night, which was all the way to 6 one time.

When I came off the stage after the first performance I said that I wanted to do this every day for the rest of my life.